Metin2 Drop Chance Calculator

Hey! This small project is a drop chance calculator for the various drop formats of metin2 since the calculation itself isn't as straight forward as the format would suggest.
All the values are pulled from the leaked source and should also be correct for older versions.

The item has a chance of NaN% to drop.
It will drop - on average - every NaN mob kills.

Premium Drop

The premium drop is one of the itemshop bonuses on the official servers. It is either set via the account table or the same affect set by a usable item.

Double Item

The double drop item is set when an item of UNIQUE_GROUP_DOUBLE_ITEM is equipped.
The exact items may vary for you, they are all items in the special_item_group with vnum 10002.


There is a 0.002% chance for an additional 1000% increase in drop chance and a 0.01% chance for an additional 500% increase. I have ignored them in this calculation.
The chance will get triggered - on average - every 50.000 or 10.000 (respectively) mob kills, highly unlikely.

Misc. Comments

Yes, the mob drop limit type disregards everything in terms of bonuses and such. It does not give a shit.
The mob drop item kill type will only drop one item, if it drops one. All other types go over every possible item
The common drop item format is retarded.